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Letterama, Inc.
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Architectural 3D Metal & Acrylic Letters, Logos, Graphics & Signs, Corporate Brand Identity.
Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Muntz, Stainless Steel, Water Jet & Laser Signage.

3D Metal Sign Letters In Manhattan, New York City, NY, NYC: 212.832.4834 - Long Island, LI: 516.349.0800



Other Things We Do.

Includes anything you can imagine. Inside and out. We can engineer the solution and fabricate it. Small jobs and large production jobs. We install them all. And we ship Nationwide and World-wide.

Corporate Logo Branding Signage Solutions You Want.

Run your design ideas by us for a quotation. We'll show you how, creating signage with our state of the art technology combined with vast knowledge, experience and good old fashioned craftsmanship will yield you the best job.

Headache Free.

At Letterama, we deliver results beyond your expectations. The results of professional consultation right from the start so you are happy with the finish.

Custom Signs, Letters, Logos & Plaques Are Our Standard.

Ada Braille Tactile Signage, Cut Out Letters, Fabricated Letters, Stainless Steel Letters, Logos and Graphics, Cast Metal, LED Lighted Letters and Signs, Monolith Signs, Directories, Directional / Way Finding Signs, Cubicle Nameplates, Loclens Nameplates, decorative Window Film, Large Format Digital Color Printing.

Your Ideas or Our Ideas, We Can Do Anything, Just Imagine!

Get Your Ideas Off To A Good Start, Contact Us, Get The Quality You Want!


The New York City Sign, Letter & Logo Company, And Beyond, Since 1959.

Dedicated In Fond Memory Of A Couple Of True Pioneers, Les & Sid.



We fabricate all kinds of architectural signage and expertly install or ship nationwide and internationally. Have Letterama provide you the quality you want for all of the following and more: Acrylic Letters | Aluminum Letters | Copper Letters | Brass Letters | Bronze Letters | Muntz Metal Letters | Nickel Metal Letters | Stainless Steel Letters | Metal Sign Letters | Cast Metal Letters | Cast Metal Plaques | Metal Face Letters Acrylic Letters | Plastic Letters | Fabricated Metal Letters | Titanium Stainless Steel Letters | LED Halo Lighted Letters | LED Back Light Letters | Illuminated Letters | Metal Lettering | Mirror Polished | Satin Brushed | Buffed | Swirl Finish | Orbital Finishing | Directional | Non Directional Finishing | Anodize Finish | Swirl | Non Directional | Verde Patina | Clear Anodize | Color Anodize | Oxidize | Antiqued | Chrome Plating | Gold Plate | Nickel Plated | Titanium Finish | Sand Blasted | Color Powder Coating | Baked Enamel Painted | Clear Polyurethane | Tinting | Nickolas Clear Lacquer | PMS Pantone Color Matching | PMS Pantone Metallic Colors | True Match | Satin Brushed | Swirl | Orbital | Non Directional | Patina | Chrome Plate | Nickel Plated | Get The Quality You Want - Get Letterama - Get Happy!


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